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Does it work offline? 

As long as a user is logged in ALL functionality remains available to the user offline. The user remains logged in for 30 days unless they manually log out.

What operating systems can I use Glean on? 

Glean works on Windows, Mac and chromebooks that are running the Chrome web browser.

Does Glean work on mobile? 

Currently Glean is only available on laptops/desktops and Chromebooks. However, we know a mobile app will be key for your students, so watch this space. 

Is Glean accessible? 

Accessibility is at the heart of Glean. However, accessibility is always a work in progress. We're working towards our WCAG AA accreditation, this involves consulting with external accessibility consultants as well as seeking feedback directly from students and users with disabilities.

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  • Free access to Glean and Glean Admin until August 31st 2020 for your organization.
  • Give Glean to as many students as you need, there are no limits!
  • No obligation to buy at the end of the free period.
  • Capture everything without being distracted 

  • Organise information to create structured notes for studying 

  • Access your notes from anywhere, whether you’re online or offline 

  • Easy to implement and manage with in-built student training 

  • Reliable and flexible support with insight into students’ usage

  • Access to a community of 200+ peers with expertise in accommodations

Glean helps students take great notes independently

Glean Admin helps you tailor note-taking support

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Sonocent have been supporting higher education institutions with note taking accommodations for over ten years. We help your students take great notes independently.

In this unprecedented and challenging time, we realized we could help make students' transition to online classes a lot smoother by giving them access to Glean, our new online note taking tool with dedicated features for online learning.

That’s why we are offering unlimited free access to Glean until August 31st 2020.

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Glean is made by Sonocent.

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