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Glean solves the Note Taker's Dilemma. In fact, it makes good note taking come naturally.

There's a problem with lectures...'s called

The Note Taker's Dilemma

So, let’s imagine you’re in a lecture. You know for sure that the majority of what the professor is saying will come up in the exam, will be useful for an assignment, or is just generally need-to-know, so you want to get as much as possible from the experience.

This makes walking out of the classroom with a good set of notes without missing out ‘in the moment’ especially important.

The question is, do you attempt to copy everything down and risk not focusing on her words? Or do you try and stay in the moment, listening and absorbing, but take away a less complete record of what you’ve heard?

We call this problem 'The Note Taker's Dilemma', and it affects note takers of every ability and experience level.

The reality is that it’s very difficult to engage in the moment and make a meaningful record at the same time. 

Ways of addressing it have come and gone. Page layouts, recording devices, active listening, presentational differences and more have all tried to solve it. But no solution has allowed students to gain from both an accurate record and active listening.

Why does this matter?

The Note Taker’s Dilemma speaks to how we absorb information, the value of the spoken word, and learning in higher education.

It’s responsible for wasted insight, for missed opportunities for learning, and explains why so many struggle with taking notes. 
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So how are we tackling the problem?